I’m Rachel Faulkner Brown, a girl with a past like your worst nightmare and a present that is pretty darn fun. I have lived through losing two husbands tragically in an instant, one to an aneurysm and one in an Air Force plane crash.  I love marriage so much that I took a chance on it again and married the most interesting man in the world who is our rock and our secret weapon on most days. My favorite jobs are being a wife, clearly, I’ve done it three times, and being a mom to my two love nuggets, Davis and Campbell. My kids are tweens and they are so honest that you want to laugh so hard and in the next moment squeeze their little faces off because you love them so much. What a season of extreme everything we are in but I relish every minute. From recorder torture aka practice to slicked back hair for ballet recitals, it is just pure joy to watch your kids grow in wisdom and stature. My role as a mom is the hardest most rewarding thing I have ever done or will do.

 I love ministering to women! Whether I’m on the road speaking or through my ministry Be Still, I especially love the women who are the younger version of the girl I once was.  You know the ones….bored Christians who know there has got to be something better, emotionally bankrupt, broken, and great at hiding.  I love freedom more than anything else on earth and find myself saying at least once a day..it is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. I really want to be your friend and I would love to take you bargain shopping and walk out of a store in a new outfit that cost us less than a cup of fancy coffee.  Jesus, healing, freedom and my family are my jam. I’m so glad you are here.